Tuulaa is a fine bouquet of the finest Indian ethnic-wear,
crafted out of an intense passion towards the craftwork that produces wonderful

clothing for people of all kinds & races. Tuulaa nurtures the cultural heritage of  lndia's natural textile & hand work traditions. ln gifting a slice of India's many-textured heritage, Tuulaa remains committed to promote this heritage globally. The communities of tribal weavers, artisans & their families, the unsung & fast

vanishing heroes of lndia's aesthetic creativity are to be

rightly supported. Through the Tuulaa website, Indian born Mary Varghese is trying to offer as much support to these struggling artisans by promoting the ethnic hand work, by educating the out side world about them, as well as by selling these specialised products in Australia and other parts of the globe.


As synthetics conquer our society, hand loomed, natural fibres have become a substance of dread. Today, synthetics are "easy to maintain" and cotton, wool and silk have become "stiff”, “expensive to maintain" and "plain" (no shine and dazzIe, no beads and sequins). What has followed is the starvation and dying out of India's rural weaver communities as they are forced in the name of survival to give up their art and their heritage in the face of mass produced, artificial, chemical threads. Adding to the rich heritage of fabrics, India is known for the vast palette of colours this world can ever witness. Tuulaa blends the best of both to bring out the finest & divine.


We urban dwellers constantly yearn to travel into villages and unexplored corners of our world to touch the ghost of our pristine past. Tuulaa invites you to wear a kaleidoscope of these forgotten dreams and mix your own essence into them. What better way to love and nourish your land and your feminism than to wear your land in all its wild, wondrous colour & beauty?


Mary Varghese, the person behind Tuulaa. A persona full of life and fun, living life to its fullest; she believes “life is too short to even finish all that I want to do in life, so do not waste any time “


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The 'tuulaa' brand is owned and managed by Signature Consultants