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Mary Varghese through Tuulaa offers an unique and exceptional shopping experience for the Brisbane Community. Her range of formal wear is eclectic and sourced from all over India. She caters for a variety of tastes and budgets. Shopping at Tuulaa is a pleasurable experience due in no small measure to her desire to provide complete customer satisfaction. Her enthusiasm and endless patience in finding the right sari or outfit for a special occasion is commendable. The icing on the cake for me is that she is able to offer an express tailoring service, getting things stitched within a day. On one occasion. I can only offer praise for her professionalism and reliability in the delivery of her very special product.


Jaishree Srinivasan

Artist/Art Conservator



This is Joshna Wasan Yes, I find Tuulaa’s all the product really good, I highly recommend to shop from Tuulaa.com


Joshna Wasan


Mrs. Mary Varghese is a small business owner whose entrepre-neurial skills have led to her success. Mary has had the ability to develop a niche area of textile sales and production through her self-motivation, marketing, and time management skills. Her knowledge of the textile industry in India including the latest trends and fashion make Mary a very experienced stylist whose skills are sought after in the community. Her greater involvement in the supply of quality garments to the fashion industry in Queensland are also to be admired. Mary's business skills and success in a downward economy are a testament to her prowess and hard work.


Shana Jacob




I am Yvonne Gunawardena, professional hair stylist. I have been tuulaa’s customer for the past two years. I like Tuulaa Brand as Mary Varghese(Owner & designer of Tuulaa) has a great and unique taste with her selections of colours, fabric and designs. Each tuulaa sarees is unique and I have never seen designs like that any where in Australia or even in Srilanka as I am originally from Srilanka and currently a citizen here. Tuulaa products have an exclusive class of its own and I will strongly recommend to shop at Tuulaa for any of your ethnic clothing. I am so glad that I have one place to shop here in Brisbane with choices of my taste. Thanks


Yvonne Gunawardena


Toll-free: 1300 417 418  


I am a regular customer of Tuulaa

brand and can confidently say that I

have always received the best customer service and great quality products from Tuulaa. Service is always provided with

a beautiful smile and warmth from Mary Varghese (owner). She takes her time to enquire about what the client is looking for, their budget and will show her products accordingly to their needs. If

she does not have what the client needs she will organise to get it for them in a few weeks. Mary's motto is to deliver what she promises to her client and she lives by that motto too. Tuulaa products are fantastic. The quality, the colours

and the care that goes with each of the product is profound. I have never felt dissatisfied with any of the products and that is the reason why I go back. Mary Varghese is an excellent entrepreneur with great customer service skills. I wish her all the best in the future. Many thanks


Farneez Toon

Senior Financial Accountant



This is to testify that I have met Mary

on few occasions to buy sarees from

her business that she operates, Tuulaa. Mary is a wonderful and very cheerful person and it is such a great pleasure to deal with her. She has excellent customer service skills as also quickly finds what is the need of the customer and pays attention to their likings. Mary has a very good business sense and she will go very far with her business with Tuulaa as many customers are realising her skills. I would wholeheartedly give  her the award that she deserves.


Geetha Sriprakash