Mary Varghese



A persona full of life and fun, living life to its fullest, she believes “life is too short, so do not waste any time; we are gifted with a wonderful world of opportunities, so live it all".


She believes "If I love myself enough, I will radiate the love that no one can refuse. If I love myself enough, I will consider myself a gift of God to mankind. If I love myself enough, I will walk in gratitude & pride, every minute, believing that I am precious."

These belief’s did not just erupt from nowhere, but the journey of life taught her to change herself from a victim to a fighter and then to a winner. Winner, according to Mary, is the one who has realised in life that the race for money, fame, popularity etc, at the cost of your time for yourself and your loved ones are of no value at all. At the end of your journey when you look back at your path, if it brings a smile on your face and if you have changed a few lives for the better and the world mourns genuinely for your loss, then you are a winner.


Born in a middle class Indian family as the eldest child to a lovely couple, Mary learned very early in life that everyone around her wasn’t all about the pure innocent love she imparted to others and found herself entangled in a rough journey. One of it was getting married to a very abusive and alcoholic husband. She had to live with complete violence for 10 years causing major permanent injuries on her. After 10 years of mental and physical trauma endured in her life, the only solace was her gorgeous 7 year old son. 10 years of pain turned her into a much stronger, powerful person determined to change her life as well as that of many other women who are still going through such life and do not have the strength to change them. Very painfully she had to leave her son with her mother in India and move to Australia to complete her studies. She boldly ventured into completing her second Masters in Australia fighting all odds and hurdles that came her way one after the other. Challenges never stopped, and fighting every challenge in every step became a habit for her.

Eventually, Mary successfully finished her studies, brought her son to Brisbane and applied for residency in Australia and also sought a legal divorce in India at the same time. Struggle still continued.


Toll-free: 1300 417 418  


Single parent, working 20/24 hours per day from office and home as a Business Analyst, the stress of time bound projects and targets left her with hardly any time to see her only child grow up. Time flew and finally she decided, “I will choose to love myself and my baby first and will only do what I enjoy doing most rather than work long hours to achieve career growth or a better pay pack. I realised I love clothing, colours, dresses especially heritage art. And I decided to start off with garment production, then to my brand of ethnic clothing and also spend more time with my son and family. The business I chose now allows me to meet my parents in India more often as well. I stay connected to my roots and have achieved to connect to many other women who need the strength to cope with their pains in life. I feel more complete and I believe I am in the right place where I should be today after life has taken me through a rough roller coaster ride".

“My journey has been blessed and I achieved my dreams of having my own labels is women’s wear and a few retail outlets in BRISBANE and Mt Tamborine mountains. It has been an incredible journey that has taught me valid lessons every day of my life.”

"Now when I turn back, I understand why I had to travel that path to be the me today. I love me and I love the Angels who crossed my paths to pick me up every time I fell down. I will always be grateful to every one of the angels that came my way to help me.