Giving and Tuulaa


Tuulaa has always been involved in supporting the needy and downtrodden in more ways than one. Tuulaa

very much believes in the ‘growing together’ philo-sophy and would like to contribute in all possible

ways to make the world

a better place to live in.

Mary Varghese has been closely working with the organisations mentioned below, promoting and supporting them to grow better. You are also

welcome to support them

in any way you wish to.


Here are a few of Tuulaa’s

humble pursuits towards



The International Foundation for Crime Prevention and

Victim Care



The International Foundation for Crime Prevention and Victim Care (PCVC) is a non-profit, tax-exempt, registered public charitable trust based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The organization, founded and registered in 2001, was started as a response to Chennai's noticeable absence of support agencies for women who are survivors of domestic abuse. PCVC's mission is to help rebuild lives damaged by abusive family relation-ships and to facilitate the process of self-empower ment for women survivors of family violence.


PCVC's overarching goal is to provide both emotional and practical support structures for women with abusive partners. To this end, PCVC is in the process of both administering and starting a number of projects aimed towards helping women report instances of violence against them, protect themselves and their children, and if they choose to, leave their partners and achieve both financial and emotional independence.

The major activities of the organization revolve around two areas: prevention of crime and victim care.



Toll-free: 1300 417 418  


Cultural Academy for Peace



This NGO has been committed to the empowerment & rights of women & children. This NGO envisions a society based on peace, justice, reconciliation and respect for life, focusing on a culture of nonviolence, determined to

be in solidarity with people struggling for human rights. Empowering Women Always, women are victims of unjust structures in the family, the society & workplace. The Academy helps women support themselves by providing environment to come up from village councils to negotiation tables. Tuulaa

is supporting the above efforts and initiatives of this NGO in the best possible way.





Weavers in India



Tuulaa has always involved in supporting, assisting & contributing

to the betterment of the lives of

weavers in India.